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What to do in Mont Tremblant in Quebec?

What to do in Mont Tremblant in Quebec?

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When you come to discover Quebec, Mont-Tremblant needs no introduction. This ski resort, located 2 hours north of Montreal, is a must-visit destination in the region.

You can visit it for its national park, to explore the architecture of its small village, for golfing, or even for skiing!

So today, let me introduce you to the highlights of Mont-Tremblant, starting with its village. Then I will offer you a series of activities to do in winter or summer, as well as suggestions for accommodations and dining.

Visiting the Mont-Tremblant Village

Whether you are passing through the region in winter or summer, the Mont Tremblant village is a must-see.

Before I went there for the first time, I was told that the village had the atmosphere of Disneyland, and indeed! The heart of the village is not very large; it has a main street that connects the square where most of the parking lots are to a small square at the foot of the mountain.

mont tremblant in quebec by night

The houses are all very orderly and have a touch of color with their roofs, giving it a fairytale-like appearance. Throughout the main street, you can find shops, bars, and restaurants.

Once at the top of the village, the small square you find there is often very lively. In winter, a large Christmas tree is set up, and a big fire is lit. It’s super nice for warming up! In summer, there is often music or street performances.

mont tremblant in summer
Mont-Tremblant in summer

However, it’s important to know that Mont-Tremblant is a rather upscale small town. The heart of the village is probably the highest concentration of wealth in the region! So, expect relatively high prices in stores and restaurants.

My advice? To get a view of the village from above, I recommend taking the small cable car at the bottom of the town, which takes you directly to the base of the mountain. The ride is free and only lasts a few minutes.

5 Things to Do in Mont-Tremblant in Summer

In summer, Mont-Tremblant is also a top destination. Whether you go for the day or for several days, there’s no time to get bored!

Go to the Top of the Mountain for a View

Even in summer, the cable cars operate in Mont-Tremblant! And it’s very nice to take them to admire the view of the Laurentians from up there.

Once at the top, various activities are available to you. Of course, you can simply hike and descend the mountain on foot, for example. You can also go to the observation tower, which offers a 360-degree view.

tremblant at the end of winter
Photo taken at the end of winter (that’s why there’s still a bit of snow)

The view from up there is amazing, and it’s an excellent opportunity to take beautiful pictures of the region. In the distance, you can see Lake Tremblant, and the mountains stretch as far as the eye can see.

The access to the observation tower is free. This is a place to remember for a romantic date!

You can also watch a thirty-minute birds of prey show.

For your information, a round-trip cable car ride costs around twenty dollars per person. It’s cheaper if you buy them 48 hours in advance.

Discover Mont-Tremblant National Park

Mont-Tremblant is, above all, a national park! It’s so vast that you can easily spend several days here.

The first activity I recommend is hiking. However, be sure to choose your hiking trail wisely. The first time I went, we chose to do the Centenaire trail in the Diable sector. And believe me, it lives up to its name! A short 3-4 hour hike turned into a full day of walking, lost in the forest!

national park mont tremblant
My advice? Don't hesitate to visit an information center before you set out to get advice on the best trail suited to your level.

In the park, you can also go kayaking and rent a boat for the day or a few hours. The option of canoe-camping with an overnight stay is also available.

Play a Round of Golf

If you’ve understood the style of the town after reading the beginning of the article, you’ll know that, of course, there’s golf in Mont-Tremblant!

And it’s quite well-known in the region. In reality, there are 2 golf courses: Le Géant and Le Diable.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know enough about golf to tell you more, so I invite you to check out their website if you have specific questions!

Tonga Lumina

If there’s one thing I recommend doing in Mont Tremblant in the summer, it’s Tonga Lumina.

When night falls, a trail lights up in the middle of the Tremblant forest. A true sensory experience, luminous scenes unfold as you progress along the path.

tonga lumina in tremblant

The trail is 1.5 km long, so the walk is quite quick, but you can take your time to observe the different scenes. In addition, a story is told; you just need to follow the trail of the giants…

Tonga Lumina is open from mid-June to mid-October, and the ticket costs just under $30 per person.

Go Rafting

There are numerous waterways and rivers around Tremblant. If you like adrenaline rushes, why not go rafting?

Various types of descents are offered, depending on your expectations. If you don’t want to end up in the water at every turn, a family descent is probably more suitable than a classic one.

rafting in quebec

You can also opt for trips lasting less than 2 hours if you’re short on time! It’s up to you to choose what suits you best.

5 Things to Do in Mont-Tremblant in Winter

Mont-Tremblant is a village located near Montreal, so it’s easy to spend the day here in winter. And there’s no shortage of winter activities!

Go Skiing

Mont Tremblant is primarily a ski resort. In fact, it’s one of the largest resorts near Montreal.

If you don’t have your own ski equipment, it’s entirely possible to rent it on-site, just like at any other resort.

If you’re a fan of skiing in the major French resorts, you might be disappointed. Quebec doesn’t have the same mountains! For example, be aware that Mont Tremblant only reaches an altitude of 875m, but you can ski on its 4 slopes!

The Domaine de Mont Tremblant still offers over 100 slopes and 14 ski lifts. There are also numerous cross-country skiing trails.

However, as I mentioned earlier, Mont Tremblant is quite an expensive town, and this is reflected in ticket prices. Buying tickets online may save you some money, but you should expect to pay $135 per person for a full day. All the information can be found on their website.

Snowshoe Hiking

There are plenty of snowshoe hiking trails. You can find them directly on the resort, with several difficulty levels. A daily pass costs $20, allowing you to explore various trails that wind through brooks and waterfalls.

quebec in winter

But you can also choose to go snowshoeing in Mont Tremblant National Park. There are more than 48 km of trails there! A ticket to access the park costs $9 per person.

You can also rent equipment on-site, subject to availability.

Take a Dogsledding Adventure

Another great winter activity you can enjoy in Tremblant is dogsledding! It’s essential to dress warmly because it’s an outdoor activity where you don’t move around much (at least when you’re in the sled). But it’s a lot of fun for both kids and adults!

dogsledding in quebec

Visit the Scandinave Spa in Mont-Tremblant

Well, it’s true that the spa operates year-round, but isn’t it much more enjoyable to go when it’s cold outside?

And precisely, the Scandinave Spa in Tremblant is probably one of the best spas I’ve had the opportunity to experience. It’s located about ten minutes from the village and is a true little piece of paradise.

The spa is quite spacious, with numerous hot and cold baths. You’ll also find several indoor and outdoor relaxation rooms. There’s even access to the Devil’s River down below. Clearly, in winter, you only dip your feet in (the water is just a few degrees above freezing).

And for those who love spa treatments, various types of massages are offered on-site.

Snow Tubing

Near Tremblant, you can go snow tubing.

snow tubing in quebec

It’s a really fun activity that I’ve had the chance to enjoy several times. The principle is quite simple: take an inner tube, sit on it, and slide! I assure you, adults have just as much fun as kids!

Where to Eat in Mont-Tremblant?

How can you have a great trip without a good meal? Here’s a selection of places I’ve personally tested.

Le Bullseye Saloon & Grill

I dined at this restaurant once with my parents and my boyfriend and I wasn’t disappointed. This grill is located at the top of the main street in Mont-Tremblant.

bullseye grill in mont tremblant

On the menu, you’ll find traditional American dishes : burgers, grilled meat, but also some salad and fish options.

La Savoie

This restaurant has become an institution in Mont-Tremblant… Or a tourist trap! It’s a genuine Savoyard restaurant located in the heart of the Quebec mountain.

If you’re only in Quebec for a few days, you probably don’t crave raclette as much as us expats do. But if you do, this place should please you.

Be warned, however, raclette in Quebec costs $60 per person, and cheese fondue is $54!

Microbrasserie la Diable

If you’re a fan of good beer, why not try a microbrewery? La Diable’s microbrewery is located in the heart of the village and is quite friendly.

You’ll naturally find a wide selection of beers, as well as dishes that go well with them! Burgers, sandwiches, grilled items… everything we love!


Craving something sweet? Why not take a break at BeaverTails to enjoy a local specialty! BeaverTails are a kind of waffle cooked in oil, and you can put almost anything on them.

I’m personally not a fan because I find it extremely greasy, but it’s worth trying at least once.

Where to Stay in Mont-Tremblant?

If you have the opportunity to stay at least one night, here are some accommodation suggestions based on your budget.

In a Hotel

Auberge le Cosy

Auberge Le Cosy is one of my biggest favorites in terms of accommodation for a long time. Located about fifteen minutes from Tremblant, it’s a charming hotel nestled in the middle of the forest.

auberge le cosy in mont tremblant

There are only about a dozen rooms, but it offers all the comfort of a luxury hotel. A spa, sauna, pool, and a relaxation area facing the river made our happiness.

Château Beauvallon

If you want to be even closer to downtown Mont-Tremblant, Château Beauvallon might suit you. The big plus is that a free shuttle runs between the hotel and the village all day!

I liked the hotel and the amenities, but I was very disappointed with their breakfast.

beauvallon castle in mont tremblant

In a Cabin

For a true Quebec experience, why not rent a cabin? There are numerous choices around Mont Tremblant. If you’re a family or a small group, this will also be the most cost-effective option!

rent a chalet in quebec

Mont Tremblant is a full-fledged destination. It’s very easy to spend several days there and always have something to do. I hope my article has made you want to explore more!

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Hello! I’m Sarah, a Malouin at heart, living in Montreal for a few years. Carnets Vanille is an opportunity for me to combine my two passions, writing and travel, by sharing with you about the two corners of the world that excite me, Quebec and Brittany. I share my discoveries, provide tips to help you plan your visits, and also offer recommendations on the best restaurants and accommodations.

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