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What to do in Cap Frehel?

When we talk about the Emerald Coast, we often say that it starts in the east with Cancale and ends in the west with Cap Fréhel. So, it was high time for me to tell you about this beautiful corner that marks my favorite region in France.

What is Cap Frehel?

Cap Frehel is a place of great importance in the region. To be precise, it is called “Cap Fréhel” for simplicity, but in reality, we should say “The Grand Site of France Cap d’Erquy – Cap Fréhel”. Yes indeed! The place has been classified as a Grand Site of France since 2019, covering nearly 600 hectares.

Cap Fréhel and Fort la Latte
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This place has several must-visit spots like Cap Frehel, Cap d’Erquy, and Fort la Latte. It offers a unique panorama of the coast and houses many treasures.

4 Things to Do at Cap Frehel

Even though most people come to admire the view, there are different things to do at Cap Frehel to fully enjoy the place. Let’s go through the essentials to help you plan your visit.

Stroll at Cap Frehel

Cap Frehel is primarily famous for its high cliffs, which measure nearly 70 meters high, but did you know that the place also houses a large bird reserve?

The site is home to numerous plant species, such as samphire and gorse, and animal species, like the Guillemot and the Crested Cormorant. Of course, all these species are protected. So, you must be particularly careful with the environment when you are there.

My advice? You can go to the viewpoint that has been established at the level of the Fauconnière rock for a better bird-watching experience.

Observe the Cap Frehel Lighthouse

In Cap Frehel, you can see one of the 5 most powerful lighthouses in France, with a lantern that can be seen for more than 50 kilometers.

cap frehel lighthouse
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This lighthouse is located more than 100 meters above sea level, which allows it to be so efficient.

If you have the courage, it is possible to climb all the way to its gallery to observe the panorama. Be warned, you will have to climb 145 steps! But the view is worth it.

My advice? If you have the opportunity, Cap Frehel and its lighthouse are the ideal places to observe the start of the Route du Rhum, which takes place every 4 years. The next departure is in November 2026.

Discover Fort la Latte

Fort la Latte is a medieval castle classified as a Historical Monument since 1925. Also known as Château de la Roche Goyon, it is one of the largest Breton castles. It is often used as a film location!

fort lalatte
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When it was built, its objective was to defend the coast, due to its strategic location facing the English Channel. It was even besieged by the English, but they never managed to take it!

The fort is open for visits all day in summer for a price of €7.50 per adult, but with reduced hours off-season. Don’t forget to plan 45 minutes to 1 hour for your visit!

Admire the View on the GR34 Trail

If the weather allows, Cap Frehel is the ideal place to admire the view of the emerald coast. The panorama extends from Cotentin in the east to Paimpol in the west. You might even catch a glimpse of Jersey, the famous Anglo-Norman island.

The GR34, a famous hiking trail, notably connects Cap Frehel to Fort la Latte along the coast. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or not, I highly recommend the walk. This short hike covers 10 kilometers round trip and will take you about 2.5 hours of walking.

Explore the Small Villages around Cap Frehel

Cap Frehel is surrounded by adorable little Breton villages that are worth a visit.


In Erquy, you’ll notice the beauty of the beaches. For the anecdote, it’s this little coastal town that is said to have inspired Uderzo when he was working on Asterix and Obelix. In fact, if you look at a map of France, you’ll notice that Erquy is located roughly in the same place as the famous Gaulish village.

erquy on the emerald coast
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Located exactly between Cap d’Erquy and Cap Frehel, the small town of Frehel is a popular surfing spot for enthusiasts.


The town is famous for its large 19th-century villas lining the beach, somewhat similar to Dinard. It was actually these villas that made the city so popular among Parisians in the early 20th century.

But you’ll also find a lovely harbor, Dahouët, which truly marks the bay of Saint-Brieuc.


I’ve already talked about Saint-Cast in my article about the Emerald Coast. I really like this seaside resort, especially because of its numerous beaches. The town is very photogenic and has many viewpoints that delight photographers. I recommend, for example, observing the panorama from Pointe de l’Isle, which is on the GR34.

In the town, don’t miss taking a walk to the port of Guildo, lined with charming multi-story villas!

Sable d’Or les Pins

This little seaside resort is truly adorable and is recognizable thanks to its architecture—a blend of Art Deco and Anglo-Norman styles. The small town also has the advantage of having a very large beach, perfect for hot summer days or leisurely strolls in the sand.

Cap Frehel is definitely a must-see on the Emerald Coast and provides the most beautiful way to conclude your exploration of the region.

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